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Let’s All Road Trip to the:
 Corley Reunion
We had a blast at the 87th Annual Corley Reunion. Just check out all the smiling faces, must have been all the GREAT food! 

We hope you join us for the 88th Reunion on Sunday, 
August 2nd, 2015 at 12 noon. 
(set-up at 11a.m.) Inside the air conditioned Lions Building at Forest Park Shelbyville, Illinois.
(Click here for a map to the reunion & available hotels.)

Bring your appetite, KIDS, some food to share at the pot luck and a few stories too. (If you want to bribe your kids, you can bring swim suits and towels, there is a pool nearby.)

Tableware and drinks provided.

Your first time? Please Email or call for more information, we really want you there! Heck you are family!?#10;

General info:

Crystal Corley-Shoger

Corley Ambassador (if you would like to know where you fit in the family tree):
Roger Corley

Vice President:
Darren Corley

President & Web Site Manager:
Christian Corley

Join us Sunday, August 2nd, 2015 for the 88th Annual corley reunion
It is going to be awesome...
did you Know 
there is a Corley Winery 
in napa valley? ?0% Off for corleys:?#10;corleyfamilynapavalley.comhttp://www.corleyfamilynapavalley.com/shapeimage_9_link_0


Just got this reply...

Connie is sitting on Kledus's lap and she was born in 1958.  Looks as if she is close to a year old.